• The 7 Best Sweets to Bake This Fall
    Fall is in the air! It’s time for cable-knit sweaters, runny noses, and baking. How lovely. Fall may be the second best eating season on the East Coast, but it’s definitely the best time to bake. Great produce is still at the markets–and it’s there in bulk–but it’s not so hot that we dread turning … Read more
  • How To: Eat Out When You’re Gluten-Free
    Though I’m only a newby at this whole gluten-free game, there is one thing I know for sure: it’s a lot harder to navigate eating out than cooking at home. One of the many reasons why we advocate making your own food is that you know exactly what you’re eating. When it comes to dietary … Read more
  • Great Minds Eat Alike: How To Snack Well While Traveling
    We started our Great Minds Eat Alike series in order to mix up the usual BGSK offerings with interviews and submissions by cooks and eaters whose mentality towards cooking and eating meshes with ours. Today we are excited to bring you a great travel eating tips from someone who knows what it’s like to try to … Read more
  • Book Prep: How To Make Vinaigrette
    Hopefully we’ve been able to get you as “prepped” as possible for all the fabulous recipes our book has to offer, with our first official video series on BGSK. We’ve given you How To Devein Shrimp and Brown Meat. Today, even more basic and essential: how to make vinaigrettes by hand!
  • The 10 Best Practices For Sharing a Kitchen
    The challenge of cooking with someone else puts to shame the idea that simply sharing a kitchen space with another body is difficult. If you fancy yourself a cook, delegating can be next to impossible. If you’re not a super-cook, asking one to help can be the most intimidating question you ever pose. Still, there … Read more
  • How To: Host a Theme Party
    As quarter-lifers, when we don’t know much about things, we tend to reach into the farthest depths of our minds, extract a few minor details, and generalize, often inaccurately, from there. In some areas, such as school, this is looked down upon. In others, like our first full-time jobs, we found it often worked out … Read more
  • 6 Best Edible Valentine’s Day Gifts That Give Back
    Pretty soon, as we’ve mentioned, we’ll be launching Small Kitchen: College, a new site dedicated to all things foodie and collegiate. We appreciate your patience as we get that side of things running! You had one sneak preview, here, and today we bring you another,  from Emily Olsson, a recent graduate of Colgate University and … Read more
  • How To: Host a Finger Food Party
    Picture us at age twelve or thirteen. Growing up in New York City, every weekend played host to at least one bar or bat mitzvah. And where would you have found the young quarter-life cooks at these weekly events? Not on the dance floor, getting down. Not by the photographer, grabbing attention from the bar … Read more

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