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Single Serving

Spiked Brooklyn Egg Cream

Brooklyn’s finest beverage, the egg cream, gets a boozy makeover with the addition of hazelnut-flavored liquor, Frangelico. The egg cream has a long and storied history in the very borough where I now live. That history includes neither cream nor egg. I drank egg creams now and then as a kid, the granddaughter of a […]

Single Serving

Spicy Red Cabbage and Quinoa Slaw

I’m a persistent student of what to have for lunch. With this little salad, I think I’ve reached a new grade level. It’s light but substantial, fun yet everyday, colorful and full of vegetables. Like kale, cabbage is a great base for a make-ahead salad because it becomes more delicious the longer it marinates (rather […]

Single Serving

Whole Wheat BBQ Chicken Pockets

When we started Big Girls, Small Kitchen, we didn’t do any real market research. That’s typical of blogging, or at least it was in 2008. We simply figured that other twentysomethings suffered from the same limited resources–space, time, money, skill–that we did. We tried to sympathize with their cooking hang-ups and hoped they would sympathize […]

Single Serving

The Salad [Dressing] I Can’t Get Enough Of

As much as I love eating chocolate, cooking spaghetti, and sharing cookies with friends, I don’t love reading about food. I haven’t read Anthony Bourdain or Feeding a Yen or anything by Julia Child. My foodie reading taps out after recipe intros and exposes about processed food (which, okay, I could read about a million […]

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Brown Butter Broccoli Spaghetti

Sometimes, when I walk into our apartment building, I can smell someone else’s broccoli cooking. This does not bode well for my own appetite. Broccoli, let’s not forget, is cruciferous, and cooking the vegetable can evoke cabbage in the least flattering way. But the scent of other people’s broccoli–as well as other people’s delicious, delicious […]