• What I’ve Learned About Making Fried Rice
    I’ve always loved fried rice, but this summer it’s become a weekly staple. I try to cook a few cups of rice when I have a moment in the morning, and then we know we can get down the wok, chop up the garlic, and fry the already-cooked rice when we’re starving in the evening. Usually, there … Read more
  • Root Vegetable Latkes for Two
    HOLIDAYS MEALS FOR TWOSOMES: Vegetarian Pot Pie; Cilantro Chicken Milanese; Coconut Curry Mussels; Turkey Burgers with Beet Relish Bad latkes are like bad pizza slices. It’s completely obvious from the first time  you lay eyes on them–you don’t even have to take a bite–and you know that the crust will be soft and oddly sweet, the … Read more
  • Smoked Salmon and Dill Hash with Fried Eggs
    For me, above anything, Jewish food is the ultimate comfort food, from crispy latkes to my Aunt Jennifer’s brisket, which over the years I’ve adapted to be my own. But not matter what the occasion—Hanukkah with the family, or Break Fast this Saturday with your family of friends—the menu item that speaks most to me is … Read more
  • Small Kitchen, Gluten-Free: Cobb Salad
    OTHER MAIN COURSE SALADS: Spicy Thai Beef Salad with Mizuna; Crispy Duck Salad with Pears, Pecans, and Ginger-Honey Mustard Vinaigrette; Saturday Salad with Walnuts, Dates, Zucchini, and Gouda Salads are sometimes a bit of a food pickle for people trying to stay healthy. If you add bacon, cheese, egg, and chicken to your lettuce to … Read more
  • Recipe Flash: Smashed New Potatoes with Peas, Parlsey, and Chives
    Other BGSK Potato Salads: Warm Blue Potato and Green Onion Salad; Sarah’s Herbed Potato Salad; Grandpa Potato Salad Last Labor Day, I shared the recipe for my mother’s herbed potato salad. If you’re looking for a classic BBQ side, it doesn’t get any better. But it’s also a lot of work. Since I think about … Read more
  • Cooking For Others: Broiled Oysters with Siracha Lime Butter
    EVENT: 3rd of July on the Island VENUE: Phoebe’s Parent’s House, Martha’s Vineyard PARTY SIZE: 2 TYPE: Romantic Saturday Night Dinner by the Sea MENU: Broiled Oysters with Siracha-Lime Butter; Southeast Asian Paella with Bay Scallops and Shrimp; Patty Pan Squash Sauté Since oysters have long been considered an aphrodisiac and usually appear on every … Read more
  • Meatless Monday: Grilled Ratatouille
    OTHER SUMMER GRILL FAVORITES: Grilled Eggplant Salad; Grilled Mushroom Cheddar Melts; Grilled Eggplant Salad; Merguez Grill Breads with Fennel-Arugula Salad; Grilled Salmon Sandwiches with Heirloom Tomatoes and Chive-Cashew Pesto; My mom has always been a big believer in indoor grilling. Even though we have a perfectly capable Weber in the backyard on Martha’s Vineyard, she seems … Read more
  • Small Kitchen, Gluten-Free: Fried Calamari with Dill Tartar Sauce
    Non-Gluten Free Fried Seafood: Baja Fish Tacos with Cilantro-Lime Crema; Lightly Fried Tilapia with Caper Brown Butter; Over-Fried Flounder; Coconut-Crusted Tilapia; Pan-Fried Trout with Pecans I suppose it could be considered lucky that I found out about my little problem with gluten right at the brink of summer. If there is ever a time when … Read more
  • Big Girls, Test Kitchen: Spicy Cucumber Salad
    OTHER CUCUMBER RECIPES: Vegetable Mint Salsa; Sweet and Sour Cabbage Salad; Grandpa Caprese Salad As any of my high school friends will tell you (especially Cara and Jordana), I have a freakish love of garnish. You know, the random lettuce cup in the corner of your spring roll plate that contains nothing but a slice … Read more
  • Meatless Monday: Ali’s Southwestern Artichoke Dip
    Check out some of these other delicious dips! My friend Ali was one of my only housemates senior year who didn’t violate the “do your own dishes” rule, and contribute to a perpetually full sink of dirty plates. But that’s not because she was a neat freak. Rather, she didn’t have any dishes to speak … Read more

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