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The 7 Best Ways to Ingest Food Virtually

It would be impossible for our bodies to keep up with our minds when it comes to ingesting food. As hungry kids by nature and profession, we find that food occupies a permanent track in our brains. Whether we’re brainstorming new ways to use pumpkin, daydreaming about crazy combinations for never-been-seen-before pasta dishes, or wondering […]


Baking For Others: Peanut Butter Pie

This is a gooey, delicious pie, but we made it for a sad reason. As some of you may already know, a fellow foodie suffered the worst possible moment last weekend: Jennifer Perillo’s husband passed away suddenly. He had a heart attack though he was too young to have one. Twitter exploded with support as […]


Big Girls, Global Kitchen: The Book Tour

Not long after January 2011 reared its cold wintry head, the two of us made a decision: when our book came out on sunny May 24th, we were going on a book tour. Book tours for first-time authors are largely unheard of. But we were determined. We spent long hours catering, saving up money for […]

The Best of BGSK

The Top 5 Dad’s Day Food

The title of our blog, which includes the word “girls,” sometimes seems to isolate those of you readers of the opposite gender. Fear not, guys, we’re thinking of your appetites too. There’s plenty on our site to please dad on Father’s Day, from meat and potatoes to a more healthful surprise–oatmeal.


Book Prep: Grilled Cheese, Plain and Fancy!

Book making is a long slow process, and we’ve had our moments of total, childlike impatience; from time to time, you could hear one of us mutter beneath our breath, “Are we there yet?” Only, “there” wasn’t some actual destination. It was (is?) tomorrow.

To help us with the wait, we’ve talked about the book a lot. In November 2009, we first posted about our book deal, and the cookies that helped us secure it. We showed you our book trailer on Amazon. On March 24th, we made grapefruit margaritas, hosted a “spring break” bash, and toasted to the next two months. We honored Josh, our photographer. We also bragged about the dinner our editor, Katie, made with us–bringing you our first book preview of the Chorizo-Scallop Paella page spread.