Big Girls Test Kitchen

Big Girls Test Kitchen

Homemade Sun-Dried Tomatoes

People have accused me of having a love affair with salt. My retort (which I usually keep inside my head) is that I just like things with flavor. A preference for food with, you know, lots of flavor, has led me to seek out dishes that have the absolute most taste per square millimeter, and […]

Big Girls Test Kitchen

The Secrets of Irish Butter

Supposedly my great-grandmother, who lived to be 104, started each day with a piece of toast spread with both cream cheese and butter, and I think I may have inherited her love for fattening dairy products. Hopefully, that will not compromise any longevity she may have passed down to me. She wasn’t Irish, and neither […]

Big Girls Test Kitchen, Gluten Free

Creamy Polenta from Bittman

Creamy polenta has always seemed like a rather daunting dish to serve a crowd of guests. It takes longer to cook than one would imagine, and in my experience, it can transform from a soft, pillowy cushion into a rubbery, coarse brick in seconds. Because of this, I’ve always intentionally gone for the brick version […]