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Cooking For Two

Baked Chicken & Cauliflower Yakitori

I make the biggest messes in the kitchen. This is not quaint, controlled disorder with scraped-clean plates piled perfectly beside the sink. No, when I’m done, there’s tomato sauce splattered on the wall and walnuts found miscellaneously in my silverware drawer and herb sprigs spread like confetti on the floor. Sometimes, I don’t mind cleaning […]

Cooking For Two

Perfect Baked Clams

Once, my mom and I went on a clam tour of coastal Connecticut. Clam country. We were driving back to New York from New London, where my older sister Jill went to college. We kept stopping at little restaurants and inns for snacks. And we kept ordering clams: baked, fried, steamed, stuffed, Casino. I am […]

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Filet Mignon for Two

A browse through this site’s recipe index reveals plenty of beef and steak recipes but nothing completely straightforward. Obviously part of what’s fun about BGSK is that I get to be creative in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean brisket needs five spice powder or flank steak calls for a miso marinade. For this year’s […]

Cooking For Two

Not-So-Bachelor Baked Beans

Last week was slow around here because last weekend I got married to Alex! For all the time I spend internet-ing and on social media, I’m not terribly talented at sharing real life’s big moments online. And the wedding feels private, gloriously so–all ours, and our families’ and our friends’. So instead of talking about […]

Cooking For Two

Salmon Spaghetti with Plum Tomatoes and Avocado

I’m happy to report that Food Network’s Summer Fest is back! In the whirring speed of these summer weeks, I missed last week’s zucchini theme, despite the fact that I adore zucchini in sandwiches, curries, pastas, and more. The week before, you may have caught my Summer Fest plum week post about Grandma Esther’s Plum Cake, which […]

Cooking For Two

Linguine with Clam Sauce

SEAFOOD PASTAS: Spicy Tomato Stew with Spaghetti; Shrimp Angel Hair; Egg Pasta with Saffron, Shrimp, and Peas; Mediterranean Catfish Spaghetti; Sardine Linguine with Sundried Tomatoes and Olives If I was six and you asked me what I wanted for dinner, I would probably tell you that I wanted Linguine with Clam Sauce–hold the clams. (I […]