Horrifying Halloween Cocktail Party

Halloween is a time to be scared! At least it used to be. But when trick or treating is a thing of the past and costumes tend to be witty and hip, not scary and chilling, it means you’re probably at an age where Halloween calls for a big old party. Rather than go door to door for your treats, get them all in one place: at a costume cocktail party. Get spooky decorations, and serve the witch’s brew and the ghastly ghost’s dip (also known as onion dip) out of cauldrons or pumpkins. Here’s what to make.

For more terrifyingly delicious menus, go here.

Warm Witch’s Brew

Ghoulish Gourd Crostini

Black Cauldron Cakes

Ghastly Ghost Dip

Trick, not Treat, M&M Blondies


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