Leftover Jack-o-Lantern Dinner

Most holidays leave you with plenty of leftovers. But instead of working turkey into your soups and stuffing into your breakfast, Halloween leaves you with a more random assortment of resources. But three buckets of candy corn does not a meal make. Instead, look into the sad, lonely, triangular eyes of the pumpkin sitting on your doorstep, and help him become a part of your dinners for the week to come. The Autumn Brisket and Pumpkin Chili and the Pumpkin-Chocolate Bread Pudding are great dishes to make on Monday, after the trick or treaters have fled, and eat all week long. Better yet, they are a perfect way for you to use up all that extra pumpkin, or for making the most of your supermarket savings, as those stragglers are likely to be on sale.

Note: we don’t actually advocate using the jack o’lantern you’ve carved for any of these meals. Find a new sugar pumpkin to make use of, or…open a can.

Autumn Brisket and Pumpkin Chili

Spinach with Bacon Bits

Pumpkin-Chocolate Bread Pudding