How to Save Your Muffin Tins from Rust

When I bake muffins, I dread cleaning the pan afterwards. It’s bad enough that batter has cooked into the crevices of each muffin cup. What’s worse is how all the little bits of grease sticks onto the unfilled muffin tins – the two extra if you’re only make 10 of the 12 cups in the pan. The residue rarely comes off the pan, try as you might to scrub.

Now I’m no neat freak, but that stickiness really annoys me–it attracts dust, and it might worm its way into a future batch of muffins. Fortunately, Alex’s mom showed me that if you fill any unused cups with water, you’ll avoid the built-up all together. Now, I fear nothing about baking muffins except how quickly they disappear from the counter.

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