Giveaway: Lauren Shockey’s Four Kitchens Winner!

Last week we were thrilled to bring you a great anecdote and some quarter-life reflections from Lauren Shockey, author of Four Kitchens, which came out a few weeks ago. We asked you what you would do if you didn’t work a 9 to 5, and two of you dreamers are taking home a copy of Lauren’s book!

The winners of the Four Kitchens Giveaway are:

KristenNash23 who said I’d open my own like breakfast/lunch place on the Willamette River. Beautiful life.

Tpot who said If I didn’t have my 9-5, I’d probably be taking quilting & sewing classes at some cute local places!

Thank you to all of those who chimed in! We hope one day you take the leap.


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