Giveaway: Cool Off With a New SodaStream Soda Maker!

[Giveaway Closed – 8/15/11]

Even though Phoebe’s childhood refrigerator was perpetually stocked with ginger ale, the two of us are not the biggest soda drinkers you’ve ever met. But bubbly water? Now you’re talking. Cara’s mom owns a SodaStream soda maker, and ever since we started this blog, it’s been our goal to somehow clutter our counters with one of our own.

Today, that dream has come true, and like the un-greedy people we are, we’re going to share the wealth! We’re giving away 1 Pure SodaStream Soda Maker, and with it, the joy of a summer full of fizzy, delectable drinks.

Something else you might have noticed by now, is while we have no problem sucking down overpriced specialty cocktails and soft drinks at bars, we don’t experiment as much as we would like to at home. We’ve been working on it, if our Chai Tea Lattes and Derby Day Punch were any indication. But we want to do even better. And we hope in your comments below, you’ll be able to point us in the right direction of your liquid cravings.

To enter the SodaStream Soda Maker Giveaway, you must:

  • Leave a comment below and tell us what drink recipe (alcoholic or non, bubbly or flat) you’d like us to have on the site
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We’ll announce the randomly selected winner next week on the blog. Good luck!

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  1. Can you do Diet Coke with Lime with that fab machine? Actually, if I had my own machine, I’d more likely use it to make soda for my two boys. They’d appreciate the cool factor of the gizmo, and I’d appreciate that it meant less waste because they’d be pouring glasses of soda, instead of opening a can, drinking half and letting the rest go flat. Win-win!

  2. alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of a mojito. its my favorite drink, and i crave it even when i have to wake up early the next morning

  3. I’d like to see a drink recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate with chili pepper whipped cream! I subscribe to your newsletter and RSS Feed.I am a fan of your FB page AND it is a favorite on my page, The Culinary Librarian.

  4. I would like to see a recipe for an unsweetened fruit flavored fizzy water.  I’m always buying big bottles at the store, and they take up so much space!  It would be great to be able to make my own!

    1 bottle white wine (doesn’t matter if it’s cheap)
    2 liter bottles fizzed as directed with a Sodastream capful of diet pink grapefruit (1 cap per liter).
    1-46 oz can unsweetened pineapple chunks (do not drain)
    1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
    3 oranges, thinly sliced
    3 lemons, thinly sliced
    Do not peel citrus. Wash and thinly slice oranges and lemons over a small bowl to catch seeds and juice. Discard seeds.

    Combine all ingredients,including pineapple, lemon and orange juices, in a large glass jar or pitcher, lastly adding the wine.
    Keep covered with lid or plastic wrap and allow to stand overnight in a cool place. Serve over ice.

    Please note that this recipe can be altered and changed every time
    you use it. It’s adaptable! I’ve made with the Sodastream diet gingerale
    and lemon-lime too – you just need something fizzy to add with your
    wine and fruit. I’ve also made with red wine…sometimes add strawberries,
    raspberries, blueberries, limes, cherries, or peaches. I’ve never met a
    sangria I didn’t like! Switch it up! Try it, you’ll like it! =)

  6. I’d like to see the recipe for a Shirley Temple…I haven’t had one in ages and really enjoyed them when I was a kid.

  7. A rather odd drink I do at home in the summer has water and rice vinegar, with either honey or molasses. It would be interesting to see if it held my interest all fizzy. Thanks for a fun contest!!

  8. I would make a sparkling white grape juice to mix with St Germain.

    I imagine that making your own syrup and juices to use with the machine is super easy. I’d probably go that route as opposed to using the pre-made flavorings.

  9. I’d love some kind of fruity soda recipe. Maybe with fresh raspberries and soda water?

    I tweeted about this too!

  10. I’d love to see a recipe for homemade ginger ale or horchata. And to get boozy, what about homemade liqueurs? I’ve heard you can whip up homemade chocolate liquer (a la Godiva’s brand of booze), Kahlua and even a Bailey’s-like subsitution. It would be so awesome to have a less-pricey alternative for some of those fancy ingredients. So far, I’ve only worked with liquor infusions.

    As a sidenote: All while we were kids, my mom tricked my sister and I into thinking that seltzer with splash of OJ was soda. You can imagine our surprise when we finally had a glass of Coke or 7-Up at friends’ houses. She would have loved to DIY her “soda” even more with something like a SodaStream!

  11. I agree with the comments on ginger. A ginger ale or a ginger beer would be nice.
    I’d also love a hard apple cider recipe but I have a feeling that it would be hard to replicate something like that!
    I’m subscribed through RSS feed and I just liked you on FB. Hope the RSS feed qualifies?

  12. I’d like to see some drink recipes made with egg whites. I’ve seen them on menus, but I don’t know how they’re made. 

  13. i once used a seltzer maker to make regular wine ***SPARKLING*** wine, and i’d LOVE to be able to do that all the time!!! how about about a collection of the best sangria recipes you have for a tail-end of summer festivus? yummmm… i’m picturing myself in a sundress, a big hat, jackie-o sunglasses, and a tall glass of sparkling sangria, sitting by the water! :] xo

  14. I am a huge fan of flavored limeade/lemonade drinks whether bubbly or not.  One of my all time favorites was a jalapeno limeade but I have not been able to truly recreate the recipe.

  15. I’m also a bubbly water addict, so maybe I shouldn’t be entering this contest. 🙂

    I’d love a stevia-sweetened sparkling fruit cocktail. Something perfect for hot August nights.

  16. Mostly because I’ve been seeing Watermelon everywhere a drink that involves it that is more along the lines of an Agua Fresca than a syrupy watermelon flavored drink….

  17. It is a nice review of Soda Stream Soda Maker. I like small kitchen and it is possible with all this small electronic kitchen equipments. I am happy with your information.
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  18. Just subscribed to your newsletter and your facebook page.  Your on my google homepage via RSS now.  I’ll never be without BGSK.

  19. Just subscribed to your newsletter and your facebook page.  Your on my google homepage via RSS now.  I’ll never be without BGSK.

  20. I’d love a homemade root beer recipe. The good Old Fashioned kind with sassafras. Or for the Potter fans, maybe a butterbeer? 

  21. This is a *PERFECT* recipe to make use of the SodaStream, invented it in Orlando on a hot August evening at my sister’s place, and thereby christened it “The Kissimmee”  Enjoy! 🙂
    1 1/2 ounces Black Cherry Rum
    1/2 lime, no-wax (cut into small wedges)
    1-3 teaspoonfuls raw sugar (to taste)
    Soda water
    Muddle the lime, sugar, and cherry rum in a collins glass. Fill the glass with cracked ice and top off with soda water you made with your SodaStream!  Super refreshing, summer in a glass!!

    (not sure if this is quite what you meant by what drink recipe I wanted to see on the site, but I love it so much, I don’t mind sharing one way or another! :D)

  22. Some kind of a white wine spritzer would be fun to make!  Also, something that incorporated blood oranges would be amazing as well.  

  23. Definitely ginger ale and a real rootbeer, like a&w or mug (not the spicy kind like barcs and cheap store brands!). Love the blog- just found it today! Liked on FB and subscribed to newsletter!!

  24. You ladies should make an amaretto sour or a bubbly spin-off of the sort!! 🙂 Reason being, it’s the first drink I ever ordered…legally 😉 And I’d love to see what you ladies come up with! DO IT! 😀 

  25. roooootbeer! 

    since it’s in season right now, i’d be intrigued in trying corn soda. i’ve had corn flavored ice cream and loved it

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