Girls-Only Back-To-School Brunch

Consider it belated payback for having to grow-up reading The Berenstain Bears‘ No Girls Allowed, because this meal is ladies only. Back to school may not mean much to most of us post-grads, but somehow we still feel the September pressure: no more summer Fridays, free concerts in the park, and days that stretch til 9pm. Back to the grind it is. So before we throw in the towel and accept fall for what it is (summer’s diligent, responsible cousin), it’s time to grab a handful of your best girlfriends, eat, drink, reminisce, and commiserate. This meal is make ahead and hands off enough to let you truly enjoy the presence of your favorite pals. The savory main, eggs with tomatoes and smoky potatoes, bakes up in the oven, and the crumb cake can be made ahead and serves as a first course while people sip spiked chai tea lattes (just add vodka) and talk about all the crazy summer lovin‘ that went down in July.

Baked Eggs with Tomatoes and Smokey Potatoes

Banana Coconut Crumb Cake

Spiked Iced Chai Tea Lattes