Fall Favorites Veggie-Centric Dinner

Have you been to the farmers’ market lately? It’s abundance heaped upon abundance. There are remnants of summer food: boxes of tomatoes, cartons of eggplant, and basil, but the fall food has made decided inroads into the stands. Soft, sweet plums sit by apples and pears; the first small Brussels sprouts are arranged into pint boxes above an already vast assortment of winter squash.

As the weather cools–but before it turns frigid, chasing this abundance away–we’re making the most of warm, autumnal foods amped up with as many seasonal fruits and vegetables as possible. Soup, stuffing, and warm apple compote all make their way to this dinner, which is as perfect as a weeknight dinner for your family as it is a simple, casual dinner party for friends.

So though this set of fall favorites isn’t completely vegetarian (there’s bacon in the soup and a smidgeon of sausage in the stuffing), it’s definitely vegetable-heavy for this harvest season.

Cremini Mushroom, White Bean, and Barley Soup

Squash, Leek, and Quinoa Stuffing

Apple Compote with Vanilla Ice Cream