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How To Make Classic Holiday Eggnog

‘Tis the holiday season, and that means it’s time for lots and lots of cocktail parties. While we usually spend more time tending to our finger food than what’s on top of the bar when we’re hosting, there’s nothing like a specialty drink to make your guests extra merry. In today’s prep school video, Phoebe makes a classic eggnog with rum that is sure to get your bells jingling.

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How To: Map Your Foodie Finds

We all keep a growing list—written or mental—of all the great restaurants and food finds that we’ve tried or are dying to track down in the future. Some people have detailed spreadsheets, columns dedicated to cuisine, price, and notes to catalog what dishes they ended up ordering and loving. Others keep it simple, jotting down […]

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How To: Make Pie Crust

We’re entering pie territory here. It’s fall heading into winter, and we can’t be alone in having our thoughts turn to pumpkin, pecan, or pumpkin-pecan pie.

But for some (or so we’ve heard), making pie crust is one of the most daunting of kitchen tasks. The butter at the right temperature! Some liquid–but not too much! Rolling out the dough!

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How To: Set the Thanksgiving Table

Presentation is everything, especially at Thanksgiving. It’s one thing to pile some lentils in a bowl when you’re eating by yourself in front of the TV, but when you’re serving the most important meal of the year, for god’s sake, it better look at least half as good as it tastes. Now as you can […]

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How To: Treat Your Garlic Right

Most of our savory dishes contain at least a clove of garlic. It’s third, after salt and oil, for adding flavor. Yet not all garlic preparations are created equally, and you’ll have to treat your garlic pretty differently depending on your ultimate culinary goal. To get a sense of the variety of taste sensations, picture […]

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Prep School: How To Make a Perfect Fried Egg

It’s October, and the time for great weekday fall dinners is upon us. And what better to add a little protein to a butternut squash tartine or spaghetti with spicy red sauce? That’s right, an olive oil fried egg. In this week’s prep school, as a counterpart to Cara’s slow scrambled eggs, I’m showing you […]

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How to: Make the Most of Your Leftovers

A fridge full of leftovers is a little bit like the sale rack at your favorite store. The dress that looked so gorgeous it pained you not to buy it when you saw it at the front, on the mannequin, a month ago, suddenly, in the dark corner of the sale rack, looks a little…cheap: […]

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How To: Use Up Your Harvest

There comes a time every year–usually around Labor Day–when summer is winding down, and your garden just doesn’t seem to take a hint. All winter we wait around for our favorite fresh vegetables to show their faces at the farmers’ market. But after meal upon meal of caprese salads, zucchini carpaccio, and corn salsa, sometimes […]