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Cooking for One: Fusion Egg and Cheese

DISH: Spinach-Pie Quesadilla TYPE: Mixing and matching MAIN INGREDIENTS: Egg, Cheese In my New York, the egg and cheese sandwich might be the quintessential sandwich, dethroning traditional staples like pastrami on rye and lox on a bagel. Delis, from humble to gourmet, slap these two simple ingredients on anything from kaiser rolls or toast to […]

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Cooking For One: The Perfect Fried Egg

DISH: Olive Oil Fried Egg with Portabello Mushroom Home Fries MAIN INGREDIENT: Egg, Mushroom, Garlic I grew up under the impression that plain, good old olive oil—the rich, golden green stuff—makes everything better. I’d watch my mom, queen of simple humpty dumpty fare, make herself a cup of frozen peas and then pour olive oil […]

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Cooking for One: New Favorite Tofu

DISH: Monday Night Sweet and Sour Tofu MAIN INGREDIENT: Firm Tofu TYPE: Stovetop I know this is going to make me sound like a naive 86 year-old, but I think the Internet is really amazing. Especially since putting on the Chef Cara hat and embracing the personality of The Quarter-Life Cook, I’ve been surprised and […]

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Cooking for One: Smells Like Childhood

DISH: Garlicky Angel Hair with Shellfish MAIN INGREDIENT: Pasta, Garlic, Parsley, Wine TYPE: Evocative One of my family’s go-to dinners while I was growing up was Linguine in Clam Sauce. Before my taste buds evolved to enjoy actually eating the clams, I loved the flavor of the pasta sauce—olive oil, onions, garlic, wilted bits of […]

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Cooking For One: Weekday Detox

TYPE: Weekday Detox MENU: Green Goddess Soup with Zucchini, Chard, and Cilantro You could say my mother instilled in me at an early age a love for vegetables. But really she just made me a food snob, exposing me to haute baby food by asking the waiter to run her leftover veal scallopini through a […]

Cooking for Others, Single Serving

Cooking for One, Cooking for Others: Really Just Cooking for Comfort

EVENT: Dinner with Kate and Elyssa; dinner for me VENUE: Cara’s apartment, Park Slope TYPE: Cozy comfort cuisine MENU: Traditional Baked Mac and Cheese with Breadcrumbs; Skillet White Pasta with Root Veggies Did we mention in this blog yet that it’s winter? So far that’s meant stews, chili competitions, having people over so we don’t […]