Cara’s Engaged!

Big news to share!

I’m marrying Alex!

He surprised me with a ring a few weeks ago over chili and cornbread (the cornbread said “marry me?”). Homebodies that we are, we took a few weeks to bask in our excitement ourselves before sharing the news. He’s since started calling me wifey (a bit premature, I know). And I’ve tried to keep cooking him delicious food like this and this and this, so he wouldn’t feel, you know, misled.

We’re hoping to get married next fall. Wedding plans naturally revolve around food, so if you have delicious wedding ideas that’ll work in the NYC area, don’t hesitate to share some advice in the comments (no, really, do it, please). I’ll keep you up to date in posts here as we plan, shop, and taste.

So…moral of the story? Talk to cute guys you don’t know on the subway. It will serve you well. (For those of you who haven’t read In the Small Kitchen, I met Alex on our morning commute from Park Slope to midtown back in the winter of ’09.)



  1. Oh wow!! Congratulations, Cara! This is such an exciting time. Enjoy every single minute of it. Lots of love to you both. And if you need any wedding tips or ideas, please let me know! I just got married earlier this year here in the city so everything is still fresh. I’ve got some great local vendors I can recommend. Feel free to email me!! xo

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