Book Prep: How To Make Vinaigrette

In The Small Kitchen is officially one week away! Eep!

Hopefully we’ve been able to get you as “prepped” as possible for all the fabulous recipes our book has to offer, with our first official video series on BGSK. We’ve given you How To Devein Shrimp and Brown Meat. Today, even more basic and essential: how to make vinaigrettes by hand!

We are big believers in side salads to round out our dinner party offerings. In the book, we break it down for you into a salad chart with our favorite add-ins and the greens and dressings they go best with. When it comes to making the vinaigrettes, sometimes we get lazy and just use our Cuisinart mini prep processor. But it is easy enough to do by hand, even when you don’t have four of them, as we did in this video!

(watch the video on YouTube)

Stay tuned for more prep school videos to come over the next few weeks, even after the book is officially on shelves!

From our kitchen, getting prepped (and excited) for our book, to yours,



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