Best Recipes from My Mother’s Kitchen

I learned almost everything about cooking at the feet of my mom, who’s an excellent cook. She made homemade breakfasts and homemade dinners for our family, and as my sisters and I got older, she let us help. These dishes are not just any old dishes mom taught me – they’re some of my favorites of her specialities, which I’ve posted on the blog over the years.

1. Hot Raisin Bread (pictured above)

2. Rich Chocolate Cake

3. Matzoh Balls

4. Soft Scrambled Eggs

5. Corn Muffins

6. Brisket with Slow-Cooked Onions

7. Fried Noodles

8. Chicken Parmesan

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  1. wow everything looks so goood! how inspiring, one day i am going to cook everything in this list and maybe learn to know it like the back of my hand! wowow everything looks so delicious

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