Berry Smoothies + a Vitamix Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for all your entries! -C

Remember that breakfast rut I was in? No more. About a million years later than the rest of the world, I’ve discovered the appeal of smoothies. And thanks to all of your comments on that post, I’m not short on ideas for combinations for my morning drinks. But until last week, I was short one ingredient: an incredible blender. I tried making smoothies in my food processor, but the “smooth” part of the title started to seem like a misnomer.

Enter Driscoll’s, who offered to provide me with the ultimate in blenders, the Vitamix. Last week, I started blending my shakes in their CIA Professional Series, and I can’t get enough. My current favorite smoothie contains: banana, peanut butter, plenty of ripe strawberries and blueberries, a touch of honey, and milk (either 2% or homemade coconut milk–more on that blended endeavor soon). Thirty seconds in this powerful blender, and all those ingredients become a filling, healthful breakfast.

Now that I’m in love with an appliance, I’m happy to announce that Driscoll’s is going to supply one of you with your own Vitamix CIA Professional Series (a $500 value) to delight in. The winner also receives a $25 gift certificate to Whole Foods so that you can stock up on summer’s juiciest berries, to throw into your smoothies.

You’ve got three chances to enter the Vitamix + Driscoll’s + Whole Foods Giveaway:

  • {one} Leave a comment below and tell me what item in your kitchen (from your butter knives to your blender, your prep bowls to your electric mixer) you love most.
  • {two} Be a subscriber to the Big Girls, Small Kitchen newsletter and leave a second comment letting me know you’ve subscribed.
  • {three} Tell your facebook friends and/or twitter fans about the contest – post the link and tag @Big Girls Small Kitchen (facebook) or @BGSK (twitter). Leave a third comment letting me know you’ve done so.

The contest will run for 10 days, and I’ll announce the winner in my June 28th newsletter. Good luck!


  1. Yes please! vitamix crushin’ My current favorite kitchen appliance is my plan old blender

  2. I LOVE my Shun knife that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday this year. A good knife makes a world of difference!

  3. I have to say my Kitchenaid Mixer… I love it more than anything in my kitchen and use it far more than I thought I would!

  4. Just subscribed because I love this blog site! This is one of the more recent cooking blogs that I’ve discovered and I’ve already made six or seven recipes that have all been fantastic – thanks!

  5. I love good knives. I don’t have a particular brand but anything that makes prep work easier wins in my kitchen!

  6. My cuisinart hand blender. In the summer, I use it for smoothies – but a Vitamix would definitely take over that role!

  7. Life-changing: my Sodastream Penguin (bought as a do-over Christmas gift when my brother got me a chocolate fountain. We agreed retroactively he would totally have gotten me the Sodastream!)

  8. There are so many things I love about my kitchen but the winner might be my french press. I don’t use it every day, but that makes it special.

  9. My current favorite kitchen appliance are my Kuhn Rikon paring knives! I use them to chop my veggies/everything, and the colors get me in the summer mood!

  10. It’s silly, but my favorite thing in my kitchen actually IS my butter knives! I would get frustrated using up my knives for a spread on a sandwich and not have any left for cutting dinner, so… I plucked my little spreader knives from a vintage shop that had buckets of mismatched utensils. I found a perfect set for $4!

  11. I love my Kitchenaid mixer. It’s 30 years old and still going strong. I have always wanted a Vitamix blender.

  12. My favorite kitchen item is my cast iron pan – everything tastes better cooked in cast iron!

  13. Oh, love this! I’ve been on a smoothie kick too, but my little blender leaves something to be desired, would love one of these:)

  14. My favorite item is my immersion blender, but that won’t be quite as necessary if I had a vita-mix:)

  15. My favorite “appliance” is my seasoned mortar and pestle. I use it to crush garlic and ginger.

  16. My favorite kitchen appliance is my Kitchenaid mixer. I am sure that would change if I owned a Vitamix though.

  17. I’ve been craving a Vitamix for ages! My current favorite kitchen item is my Farberware slow-cooker, because it has a removable inner container that can go on the stovetop for sauteing deliciousness into every dish. 🙂

  18. I’ve been a newsletter subscriber for a while, too. Does that count?

    … and would it influence the contest at all to let you know I’m turning 30 this summer? A Vitamix would make the awesome-est of presents!

  19. OHMYGOD, you’re giving away a VITAMIX???? I have been coveting one of those for months now!!! As for your question, my favorite kitchen apparatus is my trusty food processor, with which I have made countless batches of BGSK peanut sauce (a staple in my fridge).

  20. Dream blender!! I’d have to say I love my knife set the most. After years of using crappy knives the bf and I finally threw down for a nice set that we keep super sharp. So worth it!

  21. I love my lidded Pyrex bowls – there’s not a lot of cabinet space in my small kitchen, so having one set of bowls I can use for mixing, baking, serving, storing, and reheating in the toaster oven (no microwave in my kitchen) is really useful.

  22. Oh my goodness what an amazing giveaway!! I am a smoothie fanatic…my kitchen appliance at the moment is my pressure cooker:).

  23. Would love a Vitamix! It will definitely win out on my current “most-used” kitchen item, my JosephJoseph cutting board ensemble.

  24. I just got a chance to use a vitamix last weekend at a friends party and it was amazing! My personal favorite in my kitchen is my food processor which allows us to make any variety of dips which we love in this house.

  25. What a generous giveaway! My favorite item has to be my cast iron pan from a family friend who cooked in it for about 60 years before handing it down to me.

  26. I love my mini food processor which I use for every darn thing. But it can’t quite make a breakfast smoothie in one go!

  27. I have an incredibly small kitchen too that really needs these sort of appliances that I will use every day, but my favorite appliance is by far my plain old hand mixer, good for baking pancakes and regular cakes!

  28. I would love to use a Vitamix for my morning smoothie! I currently use my favorite kitchen appliance: the immersion blender for that!

  29. I love my Le Creuset dutch oven. It’s such a pretty color blue, and I rely heavily on it when I cook!

  30. I love my juicer, but recently I bought the pineapple slicer, which works with no power and its amazing!! so easy to use, dishwasher friendly and it works! Now i can have an entire pineapple peeled and sliced in 1 minute.

  31. What I love most is my garlic press. My mom bought it for me, and it’s an OXO so it has a self-cleaning tool. It’s the small things!

  32. My favorite kitchen item is my fancy chef’s knife – I even take it with me on vacation (non-plane trips of course). As long as you have a good knife, anything is possible!

  33. Currently, my favorite kitchen item is my Secura 3-Tier Stainless Steel Food Steamer. Although, if I had a vitamix…. 🙂

  34. The Vitamix in my head is my favorite appliance; but as for real, tangible equipment, I’d say the engraved chef’s knife gifted to me by my brother & sister upon grad from culinary school.

  35. I love my French press – I used it to strain cold brew, nut milk, pulp from fruits & veggies….

  36. I LOVE and simply would have to replace the same day it it broke, my NutraBullet single serve blender!!

  37. Comment 1: My bread machine would be the gadget I love the most, at the moment. I can make dough for pizza or for flat breads on the grill; Italian braided bread; French Pain de Mie; hamburger rolls and the list goes on and on.

  38. My Chefs knife from Wustof is my absolute favorite. It use it daily and some days wish I had a second one to put my husband to work at the same time.

  39. Hi there, I follow you on Twitter (so now all my tweeeps know)and have subscribed! My go to kitchen item is my cast iron dutch oven. It’s 100 years old (thanks grandma!) and acts like a non-stick pan.

  40. Ooh, that’s hard. Probably my Dutch oven. I’ve made so many soups/stews/chilis/casseroles in that thing…

  41. Comment #3: Done, done & done! “Liked” and shared on FB; “Followed” and retweeted on Twitter. Now just crossing my fingers and waiting ’till June 28th!

  42. The bright red tea kettle is my favorite. There is something wonderful of a whistling kettle followed by a hot cup of tea.

  43. I think it’s a tie for me between my wooden cutting block (great for serving, cutting and it’s beautiful) and my Dutch oven (hello beautifully braised meat!).

  44. My current favorite kitchen appliance is my immersion blender, but I have a strong feeling a Vitamix would easily knock it out of first place!

  45. My crock pot. It has my back when I’m too busy to make dinner or the budget is tight. Roast for 2 nights, and then stew from leftovers.

  46. Signed up for the newsletter! Looking forward to hearing creative solutions for small kitchens. 🙂 my washer and dryer occupy 1/4 of my kitchen. 🙂

  47. Mine was my blender, until it broke from overuse! I have always wanted a Vitamix for my morning green smoothies!

  48. I love my Kitchen Aid food processor, my favorite Christmas gift from my parents this year! I’ve made lots of hummus and pesto in it so far, can’t wait to try out more recipes with it.

  49. The item in my kitchen that I can’t live without are my chefs knives. We make everything from scratch so without a knife we’d have some pretty big onion chunks!

  50. I literally cannot live without my hand blender. I live in a small apt so it’s the perfect multi-tasker!

  51. My Bosch Universal Mixer….I’ve had it 12 years, through teaching 3 daughters and now 2 granddaughters the magic of cooking/baking embracing life!

  52. My favorite appliance is my food processor but like you said, it doesn’t really make smoothies very well!

  53. I have a pie plate from Emile Henry that I love. Every pie that I have made has been perfectly cooked. It’s so reliable. I’m a subscriber to BGSK, too.

  54. Thinking about my kitchen, my favorite aspect of it is my Boos cutting block. Not only does it look great in the kitchen, I use it for everything and it’s big enough to do multiple piles while still staying sanitary. And… easy to clean. I am excited about a future set of Global knives and hopefully a vitamix too!

  55. I would LOVE a Vitamix! I’m just getting into breakfast smoothies myself! All about my grandmother’s vintage kitchen aid mixer (it was one of her wedding gifts!)…it’s been revamped a bit but it’s unbelievable that this thing still works as well as it does! Every time I use it to bake I feel like I’m a housewife from the 1950s! Haha!

  56. I have been crushin’ on a Vitamix for years! My budget just has never allowed me to get one so this is an awesome giveaway! My favorite kitchen item is currently the knife set I got for Christmas.

  57. I love my crock pot! I use it with a Johnson Controls temperature controller to make a cheap sous vide machine. Works like a charm !

  58. My electric kettle is my favorite and most used kitchen tool I would love a viamix, it would instantly be my favorite.

  59. I recently discovered a wheat (not gluten) allergy, so my favorite item right now is my digital scale. Trying to perfect an wheat free all purpose flour!

  60. My current favorite kitchen item is a salad dressing mixer/pitcher. It’s been inspiring me to make my own salad dressings more often!

  61. I love my griddle! I can make 6 grilled sandwiches at the same time… or a ton of pancakes, a mess of eggs and bacon… basically I can make enough for the whole family at one time!

  62. My favorite is my Kitchenaid. I make bread and sticky buns and sauces and cookies and whipped cream. Magical.

  63. Great inspiration! My fav is my Cuisinart, it does lots of dirty jobs. The Vitamix would be a great addition! 🙂

  64. Dying for one of these! I love my mini purple cuisinart food processor (I got it after your post about them!) but I also love my little purple rubber spatula/scraper!

  65. I love my set of 7 measuring cups….all the sizes a girl could want. (obviously I am in need of a new knife lol)

  66. MY BREADMAKER! This past year at college my housemate and I would make at least one (but honestly often three) loaves of fresh bread, experimenting with different veggies and flours and milks and spices tossed in! Great bread with minimal work and hassle.

  67. My most prized kitchen love is my untreated wooden kitchen island. I bought it for $300 and it turns a nothing-kitchen into a real cooking space.

  68. Without a doubt my favorite thing in my kitchen is my Cuisinart pot and pan set. They were a Christmas present and are worlds better than the random collection of (mostly crummy) pots and pans that my roommate and I had accumulated over the years.

  69. Great giveaway! I love my lunchtime bento box – it’s not an appliance, but makes packing lunches much easier.

  70. My favourite appliance is definitely my Kitchen Aid immersion blender. I got it after putting hot soup in a blender, which has become known in our house as “The Broccoli Soup Incident” – there was broccoli soup everywhere!

  71. It’s so hard to choose just one item, but my trustiest kitchen tool is my chef’s knife. I use it every day and love it to bits!

  72. My cherry pitter. I know – it’s ridiculous, only serves one purpose, I might use it as often as once a year. But every time I open the drawer and see it, I smile. True love.

  73. Simple but I bought a nice quality muffin pan. My kiddo will eat anything in cupcake form! Meatloaf, quiches, muffins!! 🙂

  74. I’m LOVIN’ my Cuisinart Egg Cooker these days. Never realized how awful I was at cooking eggs until I used it!

  75. Vitamix envy. My favorite appliance is my Breville juicer, but i really can’t stand to wash it. and I lose all the fiber, which is why i want to win the Vitamix.

  76. The item I love most in my kitchen is a cheap chefs knife I got years ago. It has held up miraculously well and just feels so nice when you use it. I hate having to use my friend’s knives at their houses; one of these days I’m going to start just bringing mine along!

  77. Also, I’m already a newsletter subscriber! Not that I need it, I’m here all the time hoping you’ve posted something new. 🙂

  78. Love my cuisinart food processor. It can tackle anything, what a lifesaver. Now all Id love is a certain life saving blender 🙂

  79. And I love my breville convection toaster oven. use it for everything and only turn my actual oven on a few times a year.

  80. I love my Le Creuset butter crock… I love having room temperature, soft butter at the ready to spread on toast, biscuits, whatever.

  81. my favorite kitchen item is my stainless steel knife. It was the first kitchen thing I bought for myself 10 years ago, and my father sharpens it for me annually.

  82. I absolutely love VitaMix! My cousin has one, and I use it when I go to her house!!!! I have recently killed two blenders because they couldn’t hold up to all kale I like to blend! I need a VitaMix to handle this! The current favorite kitchen item I own would probably be my kitchenaid stand mixer.

  83. I love my hand held mixer – perfect for making big batches of soups, smoothies, and lots more. And I’m a subscriber 🙂

  84. My favorite kitchen tool is my regular blender- smoothies, banana swirl ice cream, and soups- yum!

  85. My favorite kitchen equipment is the dough tray given to me by my great-aunt Gladys. A dough tray is a shallow oval wooden bowl, carved by hand and sanded smooth. It is especially designed for mixing biscuit dough, and the one I have was hand-carved by my great-uncle. I always think of Aunt Gladys when I use her dough tray, and for me it is a lovely connection to a time when food was made by hand and with great love.

  86. I would LOVE this blender! I too am just jumping on the smoothie train. My favorite kitchen appliance has to be my stand mixer.

  87. For me, I’ve really enjoyed my convection toaster oven. It saves me from heating up the oven for only a small dish to heat/roast veggies. 🙂

  88. I have so much love for my kitchen scissors. They are multi-functional and get put to use every single day.

  89. Cara, I am re-posting with my last name too, so you know who I am in case I win! I have subscribed to the newsletter and am looking forward to receiving! I have also tagged on Facebook.

    My favorite kitchen equipment is the dough tray given to me by my
    great-aunt Gladys. A dough tray is a shallow oval wooden bowl, carved by
    hand and sanded smooth. It is especially designed for mixing biscuit
    dough, and the one I have was hand-carved by my great-uncle. I always
    think of Aunt Gladys when I use her dough tray, and for me it is a
    lovely connection to a time when food was made by hand and with great

  90. My KitchenAid stand mixer is still the pride of my kitchen arsenal but there’s still room on my counter top for a Vitamix 😉

  91. my kitchenaid, hands down. I’ve baked a layer cake every weekend this month and I couldn’t have done it without “ol’ blue.”

  92. Oh dear, I don’t know what it is called. I got this handy masher thingy from Pampered Chef…it helps break up hamburger and other food that are clumped together without mashing too much, it is my favorite!!!

  93. I love love love my KitchenAid mixer. Unfortunately mixing isn’t the same as power blending and I’m dying to start juicing/smothie-ing up all the goodies from my garden with a VitaMix!

  94. Thing I love the most in my kitchen…my 5 qt. Kitchenaid. I never thought I would love it as much as I do. But my blender is down to two speeds, a vitamix would be amazing!

  95. Just recently found your blog and I love it, so I’ve subscribed! What a great giveaway! I am in desparate need of an outstnding blender. 🙂

  96. I literally JUST started making breakfast smoothies after a lifetime of never eating breakfast! Unfortunately, my blender is old and struggles in the morning. I can’t live without my cast iron skillet!

  97. My favorite kitchen tool is probably my stick blender. I don’t have a real blender so this is my go-to for smoothies, soups, etc. Would love an upgrade to tackle bigger things like almond milk!

  98. I love my Cuisinart food processor the most, but a Vitamix would definitely rival that! 🙂

  99. Just tweeted your giveaway!!! I have a 3 month old and would love a vitamix to make baby food!! Thanks!

  100. I absolutely love my zester. I know, weird, but zesting things is so thrilling, be it lemon, nutmeg, parmesan. I just go to town.

  101. My favorite kitchen appliance? The professional Kitchen-aid mixer I received as a Christmas gift from my children after 30 years of cooking with a little hand one.

  102. I’m not going to lie, my favorite thing in my kitchen is my coffee maker! I would die without it! But a vitamix would be so perfect right next to it! 🙂

  103. I just dropped by to share your blog with a friend and I swear you’re reading my mind! A much less fancy blender is on my wishlist right now. I am in the same rut and have been thinking it’s time to try out green smoothies for brekkie. I did fruit smoothies years ago but alas, we are blender-less right now. That Vitamix would rock my world 🙂

    My favorite appliance is my Cuisinart food processor. My kitchen wouldn’t be the same without it. I use it at least twice a week – sauces, salsa, hummus, pesto. Mmmm.

  104. What I love the most in my kitchen is this bowl that I painted. There’s a pottery place nearby. You select the piece, maybe it’s a mug or a plate, or something else. Then you paint it in whatever fashion you want! They take the piece and fire it in the kiln. Then you have a special object all your own, or a gift for someone special. I like my bowl as it’s my own design and I enjoy using it each day.

  105. My red Kitchenaid stand mixer is probably my favorite (and most used) kitchen gadget…but a Vitamix would be up there too 🙂

  106. I love my cast iron pan. Had avoided for years since it seemed fussy- but couldn’t be farther from the truth and so useful to leave out all the time. Been really wanting a blender too!

  107. I’d be one hungry girl without my blender–most mornings I’ll have a spinach, banana, and berry smoothie for breakfast (throw in an avocado for creamy-ness!) as I run out the door, and a quick protein shake after my workouts.

    I love smoothies because I can freeze my fruit that’s about to go bad, and have a quick meal with so many vitamins and minerals!

  108. Shared your chicken curry with bananas, raisins, and peanuts with my friends on Facebook. I made it for Saturday brunch with my family and everyone loved it. They were surprised how sweet it was, and how nicely the peanuts complimented the dish.

  109. My favorite kitchen item is a wooden breakfast tray that my mother got when she lived in Bisbee, AZ, as a young woman. She was there taking a break from college, building adobe houses, and working with runaway teens. They called her Flaco. This (we named our cat after her), and the tray, were remnants of that time that filtered into my childhood. The tray itself had, in inlaid wood, a woman working the fields with a burrow. It held all the power of a fairy take for me. Home wouldn’t be home without it.

  110. Probably my classic cast iron. Winter food, summer food, breakfast, dinner, or dessert – it’s good for everything!

  111. I LOVE my Ninja Blender!! Few months ago I started a healthy journey. I needed to loose weight but dieting was not the answer. I decide to change my life and began a healthy eating lifestyle. Now my diet consist on eating mostly fruit and veggies. I use my Blender everyday!! Smoothies, soup, dips… I love it! VitaMix would definitely be my new love!!

  112. please please please I’m totally in love with my orange Kitchen Aid stand mixer its like gold to me

  113. I LOVE my Hamilton Beach juicer! It was only $45 on but it does the job. I’m eating so many more fruits and veggies since I started juicing but I would LOVE to have a Vitamix!!! That way I can get all my fiber too 😉

  114. So what happens to your mini food processor now?! Does it need a New mamah?!?! Wann a give that to meee?! 😀
    My smoothies and frapees aren’t *really smooth either, but I don’t really care, I have no room for more or bigger stuff anyway. But I bet life is a breeze with this one 🙂

  115. Would love the vitamix!!!! My do without item is my garlic press!! Use it everyday for almost everything!

  116. i absolutely love my food processor…. couldn’t live without it because i can’t live without homemade hummus and other tasty dips!!

  117. I have been dreaming about buying a vitamix! I love my Cuisinart food processor but am in desperate need of a blender!

  118. I just got married, and have only a few kitchen appliances. Right now, I would say my little old smoothie blender from Target!

  119. My favorite kitchen appliance is… ? I don’t think this counts as an appliance, but I’m in the process of wearing out my pizza stone. I love that thing! A Vitamix would be absolutely my favorite, if I had one!

  120. I’d have to say my favorite thing in my kitchen is my KitchenAid stand mixer. I love to bake and my mixer’s cheery light blue color really brightens up my kitchen and always makes people smile or ask about it when they come over.

  121. I just discovered healthy smoothies as a an easy and delicious way to replace a meal! So my current fav is my Magic Bullet…but I’d love to upgrade to the Vitamix 🙂

      • just a KRUPS one, I think I got it on Amazon for $20. But I use it to grind coffee, plus tons of fresh spices, and fresh flour like garbanzo bean and oat, dried chili peppers for chili, vanilla bean pods, flaxseeds for smoothies, etc!

  122. Ah! I would LOVE a Vitamix! Currently my favorite kitchen item are the fancy and colorful ceramic knives my boyfriend’s sister gave me for Christmas. Dull knifes no more!

  123. Oh, what a fun giveaway! I think my favorite kitchen item is (weirdly) my sifter. It’s like an arm workout and a kitchen item all in one.

  124. This is such a fun giveaway! I love my electric mixer. It definitely makes things a lot easier for me, haha.

  125. My favorite kitchen appliance is my Breville smart oven. It toasts, bakes, roasts, warms and more!

  126. Tweeted and subscribed to this wonderful discovery (blog)!! As for the item in my kitchen that I just l-o-v-e… I have two! My juicer and my hand mixer!!

  127. I love my Japanese Mandolin… ribbons of veggies for salads allow for dressin to lightly dance across the surface! So beautiful and tasty!

  128. My favorite kitchen item is my spatula. It’s from Pampered Chef and even though it’s white, I can always get the spaghetti sauce or curry colors cleaned off of it.

  129. I adore my mortar and pestle! From smaching fresh herbs to garlic to chili peppers, it is the one kitchen tool I use the most. The rustic feel of actually having to smash the ingredients myself is an added bonus!

  130. I tweeted!! Not sure how to get the link specific to my tweet (technology is not my friend) But i am @robolikes !!!

  131. My favorite kitchen tool is my food processor. Makes perfect hollandaise sauce and pasta dough.

  132. I love my soda stream so I can make all sorts of drinks at home, I have really become a wizard with it.

  133. My favorite kitchen appliance would definitely have to be knifes! I use them everyday to chop fruit/veggies up!

  134. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer, it’s so beautiful and I use it about 3 times a week (maybe more)

    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  135. YES PLEASE VITAMIX! You’re right, food processors don’t work very well for making “smooth”ies. My favorite item in my kitchen is my kitchenaid, of course! ($20 at a garage sale because the woman’s husband bought her the wrong color!)

  136. My favorite kitchen item is probably my kitchenaid mixer, but I also love my citrus reamer…it’s just so.damn.satisfying to get every bit of juice out of a lemon in 3 seconds flat.

  137. My favorite appliance in the kitchen is the blender, but it’s got nothing on this Vitamix. Thanks for the opportunity to win this Vitamix.

  138. I just tweeted about your Vitamix giveaway and included the link to this page. Thanks for the extra opportunity to win this amazing Vitamix.

  139. My Le Creuset cookware—the beautiful flame color makes me happy and I love the way it cooks so evenly.

  140. my favorite kitchen appliance is my one Le Creuset pot that I can use for everything from making soup, to braising meat or baking bread!

  141. I’ve always wanted a VitaMix blender! My favorite kitchen appliance is probably my immersion blender – it’s great for making pureed soups!

  142. i love my stove-top espresso percolator (a gift from a good friend) and travel with it everywhere!

  143. My favorite kitchen things are my chopping knives, cutting board and CuisinArt mini prep. I would love to add a Vitamix to this list 😉 Thanks for having the best posts and giveaways. You help make my quarter life interesting! Ha 🙂

  144. My favorite kitchen item(s) are my knives… ready to chop up fruits & veggies and toss into the vitamix!!

  145. Tweeted this fabulous BGSK giveaway… @BGSK If I win I’ll Instagram a picture of my new Vitamix… maybe even post a video of it in use, should start using hashtage, #BGSK 😉

  146. Love my Wusthof Santoku knife – use it everyday. My true dream kitchen item is a Vitamix.