Around the Web: Easy Recipes on Cosmo and Why Your Dinner Doesn’t Taste As Good As It Looks

Here’s what’s keeping me occupied these days in between stuff I’m, you know, supposed to be doing.

My grilled cheese obsession got literal about the time when Martha threw a round of Brie on the barbecue.

I contribute a couple clever (or so I’d like to think) cooking tips to this collection of kitchen know-how in Women’s Health.

Pretty sure that this pantry-friendly tuna-avocado bowl is going to be my next dinner-for-one addiction.

As a food blogger who sometimes has to photograph brisket in the morning, I found this meditation on blogging, photography, authenticity, and good food to be really thought provoking.

And I had a blast helping Cosmopolitan think up delicious meals and snacks to make with only the random stuff you have sitting in your fridge.

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