About Cara

I’m Cara Eisenpress, a food writer, editor, and the voice behind Big Girls, Small Kitchen.

I love to cook. I love homemade breakfasts, perfectly packed brown bag lunches, and deeply flavorful dinners shared with family and friends. And once the dishes are washed, I can’t imagine a better after-dinner activity than baking a pound cake.

I grew up in New York in a family that also loved to cook. We scrambled eggs, added yeast to flour for homemade pizza dough, and baked cookies for our classmates. In college, I missed having a kitchen so much I talked my way into a series of campus jobs that let me escape the dining hall and find refuge by the stove.

Today, grocery shopping and onion chopping reliably make me smile. My Brooklyn kitchen still isn’t large, but it’s always the place I want to be. I cook pesto pasta, chicken fritz, vegetable soup, and curry for myself and my husband, Alex. Secretly though, I could probably subsist on French fries.

I’ve written for publications beyond BGSK, including First We Feast, Tasting Table, Serious Eats, and Gastronomica, and I used to edit articles and produce videos at Blue Apron. You can hear a recent radio interview with me on WFUV¬†and watch me cook one of my favorite stews in this video.